How Manager Effectiveness Survey Can Help Your Business Grow

What is manager effectiveness? Acquiring capable talent who are resilient and effective is crucial for a company’s growth and success. It not only helps an organisation become streamlined and optimised but also helps shape a sturdier and dedicated workforce. When

Top Cognitive Assessment Tools

Introduction Success is a game of chance that many companies take when hiring a new employee for a position. There is no secret tool that can help an organization hire the right person every time, but there are some tools

Team Effectiveness Survey – Questions included

86% of employees state that lack of team collaboration and poor team communication are the leading causes of workplace failures. In a world where teams have become the driving force behind a company’s success, teams that cannot collaborate will cause

Best Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Employee engagement is one of the key factors that determine the growth and progress of an organization. As long as your employees are willingly involved in and enthusiastic about their work, they are going to deliver their best performance day

Employee Onboarding Survey Questions

Introduction A candidate’s onboarding process starts from the day they are offered the job, and until they are completely familiar with the organization culture, their role, and responsibilities. As it results in employee turnover, onboarding is considered to be a

Employee Goal Setting Examples

Introduction Every leader, every manager you talk to would agree that goal-setting is a vital component of employee motivation. When you set achievable goals, employees look forward to their success and are determined to accomplish the goals. They try to

Employee 360 Feedback Tool

Introduction Performance appraisal is a vital key that helps an organization in making management decisions that impact the growth and development of the employee and the company. It helps to determine whether employees deserve promotions or whether there are needs

How to Create Employee Pulse Survey?

There is no denying that a person’s sentiment shift and their opinion changes time over time due to the varied experience that they encounter. An employee’s perspective changes and chances are, you wouldn’t know about it unless you conduct a

How to Choose Performance Review Rating Scale?

It is the time of the year when a company dedicates its time and energy to reviewing its employees’ performance to formulate strategies that define the company’s future. Every company has a different way of reviewing and rating its employees.

Why You Should Run a Diversity and Inclusion Survey

While diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a term that is commonly thrown around among HR professionals in the corporate world, it is much more than a human resource program. Over the years, it has become increasingly clear that diversity and

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