The Challenge

Welcome to the campus career cycle – job fairs, career talks and on-campus job interviews which have the same goal: attract performing students and fresh graduates. It can be challenging as most of them have little to no formal work experience, making their resume pretty bare.

The Solution

We value human potential and soft skills. In a world filled with fresh potential, it can be overwhelming to identify the right talent fit for your business, especially among fresh graduates who are all – equipped with a degree, possess good linguistic skills, good grades but limited knowledge and work experience. Imagine if you could zoom into the exact potential points you need to fill a role and identify the predictive factor of a candidate. We aim to give you just that, at TalenX. Get your vacancies filled with the best talent fit, especially in the millenial and Gen-Z market. 

Fresh Grad Rush

McKinsey once described companies hiring would be in a “war for talent”. In a rat race society, it’s no surprise that companies would wage wars just to score top talent but more importantly, it’s about securing and retaining that talent. TalenX helps you narrow down the search for the resilient, agile, and innovative millenials and Gen-Zs in a vast majority and gives you insights on how to develop them for better retention.

Keep Young Talents Highly Developed

A public study shows that 65% of millennials value self development as one of the most important aspects of a job, they want to know their strengths and areas for improvement and how to do better. TalenX shares the same sentiments hence offering an in-depth report to better grasp their human potential and how to go about leveling up, is what we do. Our TalenX Development Guide enables you to create a development roadmap for your young talents from day one. 

Diversity is the New Black

Almost 36% of millennials say a company that prioritizes diversity and inclusion is an important factor when looking for a job. A company culture that champions diversity makes a happier and healthier place to be. You can mitigate hiring biases in the hiring process with TalenX, to ensure you get a team of individuals who have diversity at the forefront and breeds this in the office space.

Lessen Fresh Grad Turnover

Public polls shows that 66% are expected to leave their current organization by 2020 and interestingly, 60% of millennials are actively looking for opportunities outside their current company. The key is to have the right talent fit. Customers can expect a 43% reduction in turnover using predictive hiring solutions.

Be Prepared
For the Future of Work