Company Bio:

Sagamore Investments (Sagamore) is an Investment Management company based in Hong Kong and Beijing. Since 2002, Sagamore has invested in over 100 funds (e.g. Venture capital funds, growth capital funds etc) and direct investments in China and the United States, with a strong focus in biotechnology, financial technology and artificial intelligence.

In early 2019, TalenX assisted Sagamore in the hiring of an experienced Investment Analyst that would likely to be successful on the job, and fit well into Sagamore’s unique company culture.

Purpose of Collaboration:


Sagamore has experienced several sub-par hires that, although demonstrated the necessary hard skills, did not demonstrate the behavioral fit (i.e. soft skills) for the job. Consequently, they wanted to look beyond the resume, and understand their candidate’s personality-fit to the organization’s culture and the job (i.e. Investment Analyst role).


Sagamore was looking for a solution that would give them deep insights into each candidate level of fit to the investment Analyst role, while still remaining cost efficient and scalable.


Sagamore partnered with TalenX to develop a talent selection process that auto-evaluates each candidate level of fit to the job, while providing deep insights into each candidate’s behavioral profile.

The Delivery

  1. Job Analysis– TalenX psychologists interviewed with Sagamore employees to understand the context of the job.
  2. Develop a Competency Model– TalenX consolidated findings and produced a competency model that predicts for success.
  3. Assess all Candidates– 200 Applicants were asked to complete TalenX Personality Inventory prior to finalizing their application.
  4. Automatic Evaluate– TalenX system automatically evaluates each candidate’s potential for success in the role.
  5. Rank order Candidates– Candidates were automatically ranked-ordered so Sagamore could focus on their high potential candidates
"As a small firm, we were able to leverage TalenX’s expertise and experience to develop a talent acquisition strategy strong enough to compete with the largest firms in our industry. Whatever industry you are operating in, TalenX can help you stay ahead of the competition by strengthening your core asset – human capital."
Edward Cumberlege
Director, Sagamore Investments (Hong Kong)