Company Bio:

Scratchpay Financial (Scratchpay) is the nation’s largest provider of simple, pet-friendly payment plans for verterinary care. Scratchpay partners with veterinary clinics and provides pet owners with simple, friendly payment plans. Pet owners can apply, review, and accept at scratchpay.com payment plan in 90 seconds.

In 2019, TalenX assisted Scratchpay in the hiring of Fullstack Developers that would work efficiently with the rest of the I.T team (that works virtually, and are from different countries in the world), and fit well into Scratchpay’s unique company culture.

Purpose of Collaboration:


Scratchpay’s I.T have long valued the need to understand their candidates at a deeper level (i.e. beyond what is presented in a resume). However, after receiving hundreds of applications for their I.T roles, they found it increasingly difficult to efficiently assess the candidates soft skills, and his/her level of fit to their I.T team and their culture.


Scratchpay was looking for a solution that would not only given them deep insights into each candidate’s personality, but also how well the person may fit into their unique virtual team culture, while still remaining cost efficient and scalabe.


Scratchpay partnered with TalenX to develop a talent selection process that auto-evaluates each candidate’s potential to work effectively in Scratchpay’s virtual teams, and receive deep insights into candidate’s behavioural profile.

The Delivery

  1. Job Analysis– TalenX psychologists interviewed with Scratchpay Remote Developers to understand the context of the job.
  2. Develop a Competency Model– TalenX consolidated findings and produced a competency model that predicts for success.
  3. Assess all Candidates– As of August 2019, Scratchpay invited over 300 Applicants were asked to complete TalenX Personality Inventory prior to finalizing their application.
  4. Automatic Evaluate– TalenX system automatically evaluates each candidates potential for success in the role.
  5. Rank order Candidates-Candidates were automatically ranked-ordered so Scratchpay could focus on their high potential candidates.
"TalenX has provided the engineering team at Scratchpay with the capabilities to identify high potential talent that fit our culture. It would be a challenge to find team members that fit in without TalenX today. "
Nicolas Embleton
Chief Technology Officer Scratchpay Financial