Get Employee of the Month Every Day

  • Cut reviewing candidates time by 45% and be 3X more predictive than using existing talent selection methods.
  • Predict how an employee is going to perform in any role with comprehensive people data. Forecast first, decide later.
  • Put employees and future candidates first with the help of personalized development reports to navigate their strengths and areas of development.

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Predict their Human Potential

Think of TalenX as your virtual talent assessment specialist. It’ll assess, recommend only the right people for your business. We live to serve.

TalenX gives users access to people analytics solution that offers deep insights for every applicant or employee. You’ll gain deep insights into their potential to succeed in various roles, under various circumstances. Use this as a framework to create performing and functional teams to meet your organizational goals.

Stop Guessing

Choose to have a definitive summary of your applicants before even meeting them.

Diversify Workforce

The financial performance of a diverse workforce is proven to be 35% higher than a homogenous workforce. Be the advocate for equal opportunities, women, salaries and more.

Align your Hiring Team

Use the same competency framework across the board to ensure consistency and quality, make sure your hiring teams are fully equipped to follow these formulated hiring standards.

Build Talent Pipeline

Leverage on your team’s strengths by positioning them in roles where they’ll thrive. TalenX Analytics will give you these crucial data in order for you to build epic teams and legendary departments.