The Challenge

Sourcing and retaining a diverse group of employees is tough stuff. Unconscious biases can be a hindrance. Nevertheless, it’s important as fostering diversity and inclusivity is proven to improve a business’ bottom line by 15-35%.

The Solution

TalenX focuses on what makes your employees different. Businesses are better with diversity: stronger productivity and a steadier competitive edge. Start implementing an automated, objectified talent assessment process to shortlist predictive factors such as personality traits.

Diversity for President

You heard us. Their differences are what makes your organization special. Determine the human qualities you are looking for – teamwork and resilience and build an exceptional team that compliments each member. 

Human Potential Not Bias

On average, recruiters spend 6 seconds screening through a resume to determine if they fit the bill. Shortlist candidates by job-success predictors like personality traits not other information that candidates use to beef up their resume.

Evaluate with Fairness

Have structured interviews and see the candidate for them, not the you in them. Avoid measuring against your own preferred standards. TalenX offers behavioral interview questions to elevate your interview processes so candidates can be compared objectively and be evaluated for future potential.

Retain Diverse Talent

Build a team of diverse individuals with unique skill sets to empower your business. With the help of our personalized developments, we know they’ll want to stay.

Be Prepared
For the Future of Work