The Challenge

Your business and operations are growing, there are more roles to be filled with even more applicants to screen. Investing in a keyword matching program is great but they have no “intelligence” behind them, in short, they won’t be able to make predictive or scalable decisions for you.

The Solution

With 50 years of advanced Industrial/Organizational Psychology, personality psychology research and technological automation, we know your hiring woes and how to solve them. Shortlist your applicant pool with definitive qualities so you’ll get the right person for the right role, saving you time and energy.

Speedy Hires

Our customers have been able to reduce hiring time by 53%, leaving more room for you to focus on other business needs.

Beat the Lies

Over 56% of hiring managers report that they have caught candidates who lied on their resume. Don’t let them outsmart you, focus on proven predictors like their personality traits to make informed hiring decisions.

Nip the Interview Bud

Multi-tier interviews can be a drag. You should be focusing on suitable candidates instead of sieving through all applicants, reducing the overall number of interviews, in fact. You do the hiring, we’ll do the sorting.

Replicate Hiring Steps

Once you have a flow that works, you can scale it accordingly. TalenX gives you a set of repeatable and predictive hiring processes to level up your hiring game. We also throw in comprehensive analytic features to help you make that exact talent fit.

Be Prepared
For the Future of Work