The Challenge

External training programs and services for employees cost a lot and not many of them track or measure effectiveness based on your employees’ performances. In fact, they focus on training to perform and not training for the individual’s future thus impact it makes on the employee is subpar.

The Solution

Start focusing on continuous competency-based development programs. Competencies are widely known to be transferable across various roles and tasks. TalenX provides users with professional development guides, perfect for employees and managers to structure an ongoing, collaborative and future-focused learning program.

Enhance Soft Skills

When an employee has high levels of soft skills, they tend to perform and take on responsibilities better. It should always be an organization’s mission to develop its employees in the area of soft skills. With TalenX’s Personality Inventory, you’ll get individualized results for your employees that is scalable and can be applied company-wide.

People Science Made Simple

TalenX self-curates an individualized development plans based on the results of a well validated psychometric tool. No trained professional needed, its intuitive language can be understood by any person who is keen to upskill themselves. 

Engage Self Learning

Save time by letting us solve your hiring tasks. We create personalized development plan in a professional way to give you all the details you need to know about each employee. You’ll always be updated on their competency and behavior development. How cool is that? 

Count on People data

We provide our customers with psychometric data that is suitable for all talent management processes. They are collected via the TalenX Personality Inventory which functions for pre-employment assessments, team formations, career pathing guides and more. 

Be Prepared
For the Future of Work