The I/O Psychology Story

It’s the study of human behavior at work. This study started in World War II, when psychologists worked with military organizations to enhance recruitment methods. They would place soldiers in strategic roles that would match their psychological competence.

A hundred years later, business psychologists built on this study and developed tools that would surely, predict performance on the job. These tools are used in the workplace via costly consulting services, exclusively reserved for Fortune 500 companies… not.

TalenX pushes​ crushes boundaries.

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50 years of I/O Psychology to fuel our Psychometric Solutions. Like to know more?

Use Predictive Data Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

TalenX is the first people data platform that doesn’t treat psychometric data as a one-time-use asset. We believe in giving clients the full utilization of deep people insights to benefit the individual and organization throughout the employee lifecycle. Our tools enhance talent selection and talent management decisions by providing predictive data that can be used across a wide array of situations.

Predictive Hiring

Link candidates to your organization’s roles.

Personalized Career Pathing

Design personalized career paths to equip employees for vertical and lateral moves.

Personalized Development Plans

Get unique development plans to unleash employees’ greater strength and opportunities realization.

Workforce Planning

Reassign talents to new roles and responsibilities to keep abreast of evolving business needs.

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