The Challenge

The cost of turnover can have a huge impact on small to medium-sized businesses. It can cost from 2.5 to 5X a bad hire’s salary – not factoring other human costs such as poor productivity, lack of morale and oh so precious time. This happens all too often. It’s like a relationship gone sour, you think you’ve found the one with THE resume with THE skills, but they up and leave within months. Hence, talent selection is crucial towards a company’s growth and development.

The Solution

The truth – 89% of employees leave their company because they lack the necessary skills. Talent retention is key, but how? TalenX Personality Inventory uses predictors to measure your candidates on-the-job achievements, level of innovation, resilience and critical thinking so you don’t have to. Get real data about your candidates’ strengths, skills and behavior before even meeting them. Too. Cool.

Up Performance

Do more with less. Identify the top 20% of your workforce that can contribute to 80% of your company’s overall performance by measuring your candidates’ traits such as innovativeness, conscientiousness, critical thinking and more.

Grow Talents

You have done so well in getting your talents to stay with you for the long haul, you deserve a break. Let TalenX enhance your employees’ development with personalized development guides.

Hire Right all the time

Companies reported that every 1 in 5 hires were considered “poor performers” because they lacked soft skills. Hiring managers who use personality inventories such as TalenX, are 86% more likely to make a good hiring decision compared to non-users, meaning 3X less likely to make a hiring mistake!

Quantify your High Performers

Know what truly makes your high performers a great asset to your business. We’ll get you deep insights into their personality profile so you can replicate their strengths for the future.

Be Prepared
For the Future of Work