The Challenge

Movement, whether lateral or vertical is common and not always for the right reasons. It’s typical to promote a specialist to a manager’s role for high performing reasons, but does he or she possess the necessary soft skills to assume that role. It can be tricky, because someone who isn’t the right fit or isn’t ready for the role may end up costing more, not just monetary wise.

The Solution

An effective succession and career plan takes soft skills or behavioral competencies into consideration, a lot of it in fact. The behavioral competency of an employee speaks volumes as it can determine if he or she is equipped for a new role with bigger responsibilities and accountabilities thus, to avoid poor job-fit matching, low productivity and high turnover, we ought to find the solution within the psychology of it all. TalenX Analytics is powered by I/O Psychology and technological advancements to distinctively match every employee’s level of soft skills with a role that fits best. You’ll be able to effectively strategize your manpower to meet organizational goals and have individualized guides for charting their future goals and plans.

Value Soft Skills

A prediction study states that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 do not exist today. New job titles have been emerging such as Al-Assisted Healthcare Technician, Augmented Reality Consultant, etc. There’s no way we can rely on education or previous work experiences to make hiring decisions. TalenX features quantifiable competencies such as innovation, leadership, critical thinking, resilience and more, which will be 86% more accurate in predicting future on-the-job success than using hard skills or mere work experience. 

Place Employees Career First

This refers to a succession plan for your employees. Give them your undivided attention to hear their challenges, successes, and goals. Marrying their desires and TalenX Analytics, you will have a highly collaborative context for managers and employees to craft a career path that will grow your business and their capabilities.

Use People Data Effectively

It’s easy to slip into biasness when someone is outwardly “owning it” but may not possess the right talent fit for a new role. With TalenX, you will be able to dig deeper into each individual’s soft skills, get data-driven results to make the best predictive hiring decisions and even identify emerging leaders.

Create Competency Models for Roles

Competency models are typically reserved for senior roles as they are developed through expensive consulting services. You can have access to dozens of top-performing competency models designed by I/O Psychologists using TalenX. It’s a hiring solution that puts your business at the centre and customizes to suit your needs.

Be Prepared
For the Future of Work