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Top Cognitive Assessment Tools


Success is a game of chance that many companies take when hiring a new employee for a position. There is no secret tool that can help an organization hire the right person every time, but there are some tools that can help you hit the bullseye more often. Cognitive assessment tools is a way to ensure that the candidate selected is best suited for the role.

There are different types of cognitive skills used by the human brain for activities such as thinking, reading, remembering, learning, concentrating, and performing day-to-day operations. A series of assessments are called cognitive assessment tests that are used to identify high potential employees. Business psychologists recognize selective attention, sustained attention, divided attention, long-term memory, short-term memory, logic and reasoning, auditory processing, visual processing, and processing speed as cognitive skills that are used by the human brain.

The cognitive assessment test evaluates a person’s intelligence or what is referred to as the g factor. Its application plays a crucial role in determining if a person is suitable for the job, as well as their success in an organization. These tests combined are called cognitive assessment tools that suggest the best course of action for hiring a candidate and planning their training and development.

The cognitive test’s purpose is to determine the candidate’s abilities on three main attributes: the process of information, generation of the solution, and decision-making competencies. Cognitive assessment tools measure the general mental ability of the candidate or person under examination. People with high cognitive ranks are more likely to utilize reasoning skills and problem-solving skills; perform tasks more precisely and proficiently; react tactfully to new or complex situations, and make effective decisions.

Cognitive assessment tests are well-researched assessments that have predictive power, which is vital in both hiring and promotion decisions. Though these tests do not hit a bullseye each time, their success rate is high because companies must make the cognitive ability a part of their talent strategy. Here are some of the best cognitive assessment tools that you can adopt into your organization.

Best Cognitive Assessment Tools

Using cognitive assessment tools can help you find people who process information quickly to help your company stay competitive in the market. By doing so, they get incorporated into their daily responsibilities that contribute to the company’s growth. You must also focus on hiring beyond what you need today. With the help of a cognitive assessment tool, you can employ potential candidates that support your organization’s future success.

If you want your company to succeed, you must hire talent with the mental ability to go beyond their current role. You can achieve this with, which offers solutions to hiring the right candidate for the job, someone who can go beyond their current role. In addition, adopting cognitive assessment tools in your hiring process can give you a competitive advantage over other companies.

Some of the best cognitive assessment tools that should be part of your strategic talent management strategy include the following.

Athena Quotient

The toolis based on the idea thatgood judgment makes employees effective in their job, and offers pre-employment tests that measure judgment. The tool offers readymade tests that can be used to hire under various categories and offers reports about the candidate instantly.


The tool is a tech recruiting platform that supports online technical interviews and coding challenges to help employers evaluate programmers. It is a great tool to accelerate recruiting technical staff and ensures that the employer makes the best hiring decision. Some of the key features include

– CodeCheck: To create tests to evaluate skills across all popular technical domains

– CodeLive: To interact, interview and engage with the candidates in real-time

– Codility’s research team: To analyze candidates’ skills, benchmarks, and thresholds

– Integrated with API, Greenhouse, iCIMS, Jobvite, Lever ATS, Oracle’s Taleo, Recruitee, SmartRecruiters, Slack, Workable

You can use Codility to create, teat, as well as evaluate candidate code, and in turn, connect with the best candidates as it is home to more than 250 thousand developers.

Criteria Corp

It is a leading web-based pre-employment testing services provider, and their testing system HireSelect helps companies make informed hiring decisions. It uses different pre-employment tests, which includes personality, aptitude, and skills tests. It can be used to hire candidates for various positions under various categories. Key features include

– Portfolio of tests that can be customized, or you can create your own tests.

– Integration with ADP, ApplicantStack, BambooHR, Hyrell, Hirebridge, iCIMS, Jobvite, My Staffing Pro, Smart Recruiters, and Workable

– Candidate comparison and analysis help to manage a large pool of applicants.

The best feature of HireSelect is that the tests are designed by Harvard Psychologists, which enables you toassess your candidates more accurately.


A tool that offers pre-employment assessment tests that are customizable and focuses more on people first and then on the technology. It is one of the global leaders in offering employment-related skill testing and has more than 4000 customers around the globe, which includes Coca-Cola, Zappos, FedEx and Paychex. It offers custom-made skills assessments that screens candidates faster and accurately and can be used to hire candidates for various positions under various categories. It is integrated with API, Oracle Taleo, iCIMS, and offers an advanced detailed report about the candidates and allows analysis of the smallest details.


It is a technology hiring platform that offers multiple programming tests to companies to ensure that they hire the right engineers in the shortest of time. It is an ideal platform to hire technical staff as it uses a standard for assessing developer skills. Its key features include

– It offers free test templets as well as customized tests and questions.

– It is integrated with API, Greenhouse, iCIMS, Jobvite, Smart Recruiters, Taleo.

– It accesses candidates’ skills in 35 programming languages to analyze and offer insights in the form of downloadable reports.

It is used by over a thousand companies around the world, which includes GoDaddy, Goldman Sachs, Dell, and Badoo. The platform enables hiring managers and tech recruiters to accurately evaluate the candidate at every step of the hiring process.


It is an online assessment platform that measures talent by conducting tests. It is a great tool that offers content across aptitude tests, psychometric assessments, tests on the IT/Non-IT domain. it has been assisting more than 1500 global companies across over 80 countries. It also assists more than 15 educational institutes and 24 sector skill councils. It provides a SaaS platform to conduct secure online assessments as well.


With more than 50 years of offering cognitive ability and personality tests for candidates, McQuaig is one of the most seasoned talent assessment tools. It is backed by decades of research and experience and is leveraged in more than 30 countries. Their pre-hire assessments can predict a candidate’s chances of success against their role and organizational culture. The platform has a library of standardized job profiles that you can use to evaluate candidates, or you can build job profiles yourself.


Founded by two Harvard- and MIT-trained neuroscientists, Pymetrics applies cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to change the way organizations attract, select, and retain talent. The results are based on complex neuroscience data and are suitable for enterprise roles. The platform applies AI to identify and predict job performance that is bias-free, and their assessment tool leaves the field open for everyone but recommends the right person for the job by automatically matching the candidates with the opportunities. The platform is used by recognized companies such as Unilever, Accenture, LinkedIn, and Tesla.


It is a platform that offers you a chance to create your own exercises or customize programming tests for any technology or coding language. It also offers automated testing of programming skills in addition to general tests, like numerical and verbal reasoning. It helps you make better hiring decisions by evaluating the candidates’ code and answers to other general tests.

In addition to the above, there are many other cognitive assessment platforms such as Interview Mocha, Test4U, Prevue HR, Berke, Skillsarena, and The Predictive Index, among others, offering an excellent assessment of the candidates. These platforms enable an organization to hire the best candidate for the job.


Cognitive assessment tools assess a potential candidate’s thinking abilities such as reasoning, memory, perception, verbal, as well as problem-solving ability. They are designed to measure general mental ability or intelligence and to challenge their potential to solve problems in the workplace while learning new skills or even tackling workplace issues. Some of the best cognitive assessment tools or platforms mentioned above offer various mentally intensive questions to the candidate that helps to determine specific mental skills. They are based on spatial relations, verbal analogies, comprehension, number series puzzles, arithmetic calculations, and reading comprehension. Some of the best talent-hiring companies, such as offer various solutions to hire right. They understand how vital it is to hire the best candidate for the organisation’s position to experience growth and development. Their services ensure that when you hire a candidate for a job, they perform their responsibilities more precisely and proficiently and are prepared for any challenges.


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