Empowering you with Data, and Mobilize your Talent

TalentX provides clients with a dedicated dashboard designed to give users immediate, real-time, and accurate analysis of their talents to enable agile decision making related to human capital management. Management your assessments, and receive insights all in one platform.

Designed by I/O Psychologist and Data Analysts to empower clients with data, and increase the accuracy of talent management decisions by 3X.

3X Receive insights that increase accuracy Human Capital decisions by 3X

Source: LinkedIn

Assess on time, and recap all the benefits of talent analytics and mobilize your talent for higher performance

High-Fit Identification

Identify talents that fit specific role demands and competencies, while receiving deep insights into their potential, aspirations and motivations.

Make selection decisions with data that actually predict success

Group Analytics

Align your leaders with insights into your groups and individuals strengths and weaknesses.

Uncover insights into why specific groups of people perform better than others, and strategize on group development activities to supercharge performance.

Build High Performing Teams

Leverage on individual member's strengths and workstyles to perform high performing teams.

Use objective personality data to increase diversity, remove unconscious bias, and create teams that drive business objectives.

Drive Real Business Outcomes

Increase Engagement

People who are considered high fit to the role have a 76% higher work engagement than those who are lower fit

Boost Efficiency

Save 55% of time spent on recruiting, assesing and selecting talent by expanding your candidate search and leveraging on data that predicts future performance

Cut Cost

Clients save up to 82% of hiring costs when using TalenX tools and products

Choose the best, and Increase results

Higher git candidates at 3X more likely to be considered a top performer than a lower fit candidate

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