Common questions when using the TalenX Platform

General FAQs

  • Make sure you complete the assessment using an up-to-date web browser. We recommend Google Chrome.
  • Only use the back button within the TalenX Personality Inventory. Avoid using the back button on your web browser.
  • Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

There can be several reasons:

  1. Assessment links are valid for 1 week, thereby which the link will no longer work.
  2. The hiring company has closed the application, therefore the link is no longer valid.

It is advised to contact the hiring company directly to inquire about your difficulties accessing the link.

TalenX helps organisations, big or small, to hire, grow, and retain top talent using psychological science and data analytics.

By measuring and quantifying a candidate’s talents using psychological data, you can make better hiring decisions before even meeting the candidate for the first time.

Get access to tools and analytics once made only available to Fortune 500 companies, and level out the playing field by optimising you most important asset – human capital.

To learn more about how TalenX can change the way you hire talent, visit our website at www.talenx.io.

TalenX is a data analytics platform that leverages off the deep insights of psychological science to help companies hire and grow high potential talent.

TalenX launched in 2018 in Hong Kong under the Cyberport Creative Micro-Fund program with the ideology that all companies, no matter how small, should be able to benefit from utilising psychology in hiring. What was once was privileged for Fortune 500 companies and high-end consultancy firms can be now made easily accessible, and affordable.

To learn more about how TalenX can change the way you hire talent, visit our website at www.talenx.io.

TalenX Personality Inventory

The aim of accommodation is to provide candidates with an equally fair opportunity to complete the assessments to the best of his/her ability and ensure quality. Therefore, accommodations can be provided on an individualised basis.

All accommodation requests for the TalenX Personality Inventory (TPI) should be made directly to the employer you are applying to.

TalenX will then work with the employer to provide the necessary accommodations for the TPI.

TalenX will maintain the confidentiality of the information related to the candidate’s accommodation requests, and will only disclose the information with his/her consent.

After completing the TalenX Personality Inventory, you will be directed to your own login page where you can view your personality profile. At this point, you have completed your application. Congrats!

At this point, the next steps will depend on the employer. TalenX is a third party provider, we only help the employer assess candidates on his/her level of fit to the role. We do not make the hiring or interview decisions. If you have any questions about what comes next after completing your application, please contact the company that you applied to.

According to research, Quasi-Ipsative is a new generation of test taking formats that combine both normative and ipsative formats. It’s been found to best forecast behaviours at work.

Normative and Ipsative formats are common test formats, both containing strengths and weaknesses. However, by combining both formats, it controls for each other’s weaknesses, while building on each other’s strengths.

TalenX Personality Inventory (TPI) was created to better understand what people truly prioritize in terms of his/her behaviour. However, there may be times during the survey you need to select options that are “Most” or “Least” like you, and yet none of them or all of them seem to fit you.

This is considered a very normal reaction. However, the survey is also forced-choice (e.g. forces you to choose between equally desirable options). Therefore, to complete the survey you must select options that are “Most” or “Least” like you.

Research has shown that if people are able to say everything good is “Most” like them, or everything considered bad is “Least” like them, we would not be able to get a very accurate depiction of the type of person he/she is.

This is on purpose. The TalenX Personality Inventory (TPI) has a forced choice format.

Sometimes, you will be presented a page with a short list of questions where you are required to select (click) ONE statement that is most like you, and ONE option that is least like you.

The TalenX Personality Inventory adopts a dynamic test taking format that will dynamically alternate between two test-taking formats as described below:

  1. Free Choice. You will be presented with several statements, each asking you about a specific behaviour displayed at work (e.g. “I like to be friends with others at work”). After reading each statement, you will be asked to indicate your level of agreement to the statement from “Very Strongly Disagree” to “Very Strongly Agree”.
  2. Priority and Preference Choice. Sometimes, you will be presented a page with a short list of questions where you are required to select (click) ONE statement that is most like you, and ONE option that is least like you.

The TalenX Personality Inventory is dynamic, with our systems understanding your responses and calibrating your profile based on previous responses.

There will be some instances where you can change your previous responses by clicking the Left Arrow at the bottom of the window.

However, once you click the Right Arrow at the bottom of your window, you will no longer be able to change your previous responses from that point.

We recommend that you provide responses to each statement that best reflects how you feel currently, not that what others think of you or who you want. In addition, provide responses to each statement quickly without over thinking about each statement.

**Warning: Clicking the Back Button on your web browser will potentially result in lost of progress. Please do not click the Back Button on your web browser while completing the survey.

Firstly, there is no such thing as the “best personality”. Personality is defined as a set of behaviours, cognitions and emotional patterns the guide how one would react/behave across situations. In light of this, every job and organisation would value different characteristics of personality due to the nature of the business or the working style of the company. Therefore, it is to your advantage to answer the questions within the TalenX Personality Inventory (TPI) in an honest and genuine manner as you would not know what exactly the company is looking for in a candidate. Trying to change your responses would only put you in a disadvantage.

Aside from answering the TPI in an honest and genuine manner, there are a few other tips you can do get the best results:

  • Use a device with a large screen (e.g. laptop) so you can clearly read the questions.
  • Take your time when completing the TPI. The assessment is not timed, so there is no need to rush.
  • Make sure you had a good night sleep, have eaten recently, and are in a quiet environment without distractions or interruptions.
  • Close all social media or social messaging apps to avoid interruptions.

TalenX incorporates a Quasi-Ipsative test-taking format. This helps ensure that individuals taking the TalenX Personality Inventory cannot produce favourable images of themselves to the hiring manager, and instead are forced to express him/herself in a true light.

You can complete your TalenX Personality Inventory session at a slightly later time and your previous answers will be saved up until the last page viewed. To go back in, login and select the project to continue form where you left off.

If you are doing a Research Project, if you are not using the same browser or the cache is no longer available, you will need to do the test from the very beginning

TalenX Science

The TalenX Personality Inventory measures 8 types of talents: Analyser, Innovator, Organizer, Adaptor, Go-Getter, Leader, Persuader, and Team Player.

Each talent correspondence to a characteristic in workplace behaviours that is/would be needed to be successful in a wide range of jobs and workplace environments.

A person’s talent is determined by a unique combination of their behaviours, motivations, and personality.

As with many personality inventories, it is possible for your results to change a little bit. However, the TalenX Personality Inventory (TPI) has been designed to measure your natural behavioural tendencies. These behavioural tendencies tend to remain stable over time after early adulthood. For instance, a person may have a general tendency to be socially confident, or unconfident (or somewhere in the middle) in front of a crowd, and this tendency tends to stay consistent across one’s lifetime.

That being said, if one were to deliberately select completely different answers, and not answer honestly, your results will change. Our research has found that authentic and honest responses will provide you the most valuable information to support you in your career progression.

No; There is ample research to support the notion that personality stays relatively stable after early adulthood (i.e. around early 20’s), meaning personality scores will change very little thereafter (Terracino, McCrae, & Costa Jr., 2010).

Industrial/Organisational (I/O) Psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on applying psychological concepts and principles in the business setting. This field focuses on understanding human behaviour at work, with the ultimate goal of increasing workplace productivity.

The TalenX Personality Inventory (TPI) is based on 100 years of research into the Big Five Personality framework, a well supported and highly researched model of personality that has been widely accepted by practitioners and psychologist as a useful predictor of job performance. The TPI has undergone rigorous psychometric testing, and has established reliability and validity.

Yes! Our tools and technology are based on 100 years of knowledge in Industrial/Organisational psychology. It is our top priority that everything we develop is based on the latest research.