Professional Recruitment:
Identify, Select, and Retain Critical Talent

Start Retain Your Most Important Talent

Best Talent is scarce, and organisations are on the war path for top professionals with exceptional skills, abilites, knowledge and competencies that enable them to perform and adapt to an ever changing global economy.

The focus on individual characteristics of people has become increasingly important, ensuring that organizations are growing talent that not only meets the business goals, but also the individual's aspirations and motivations.

Cost to replace lost talent
can be up to 350% of
the role's annual salary.

Source: LinkedIn

TalenX Professional
Recruitment Solution

Identify Hidden Talents, and Achieve Greatness

In a competitive economy, organisations need to identify and secure professional talnt. With objective data, understand your candidates' capabilities and potential to form a winning workforce that will achieve the business objectives of tomorrow.

Making the Right Decision

Leverage on predictive people data and insights for sustainable business growth

Understand every candidates' fit to your company culture and values

On-board critical talent, while keeping informed on development needs of every single individual

90% of businesses in Asia are 'less than certain' that they have the people to drive business strategies.

Why TalenX?

Our Approach

Use best in class assessments to objectively measure each individual's inner drivers, potential, competencies, and personalities

Identify critical talent with the right competencies and characteristics to thrive in your company

Reduce bias and select professional talent consistently

Onboard professioanl talent and enhance their competencies so they can drive business outcomes quicker

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