About us

The way we find talent is broken. TalenX is fixing it.

Find talent using psychology and analytics

We're talent selection platform that incorporates Psychological Science and Analytics to deliver predictive levels of a great job fit.

In a world where retaining-talent is king, it can be difficult to meet requirements using manual processes. Talens look for so much more than just a good wage and environment. They look for big fulfillment, somewhere that "gets" them. Here's where we can help.

At TalenX, we believe in utilizing human science and data to help poeple find jobs they love.

We are confident that our systems and proprietary tools will optimize and level-up your hiring strategies. After all, our goal are aligned - Find talent effectively and grow them organically.

The best companies are the ones that continuously reinvent themselves, and in the case of human capital, strategizing for the right people will be the most important decision you make for the organization.