The Modern Way
to Volume Hiring

Delivering a Powerfull Recruitment Solution

Hiring the best talent in a quick and accurate manner is increasingly difficult, especially for high volume roles. To get the greatest return on investment in their recruitment efforts, companies need to gather the insights needes to identify best fit precisely, quickly, and scalably.

Quality of Hire

TalenX clients see an increase quality of hire by 56%

Time Spent

Proven effectively in reducing time to hire by 50%

Cost Saved

Saved over 82% of monetary costs.

Statistical Finding from Clients Reports from 2019 to 2021

TalenX Volume
Hiring Solution

Fast, Objective, Accurate, and Scalable Recruitment

Easily configure your organization, role, culture and context to our competency framework. Administer assessments with your dedicated dashboard and assess thousands of candidates at once.

Why TalenX?

Our Approach

Best in class psychometric assessments

People Oriented assessment experience

Data driven insights to deliver strong human capital solutions

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