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Identify on the Right High Potentials

Leadership is ever changing. It continues to grow, evovle and take on new requirements, making it difficult to identify the right talent that are able to tackle the challanges of tomorrow. Organisations are all struggling with this, and are using subjective opinions and the wrong metrics of performance to identify high potentials.

93% of HiPo programmes fail to develop future leaders

Source: LinkedIn

TalenX Highl
Potential Solution

Get the Most Value Out of Your HiPo

Identify future leaders, and prepare them for their new role by assessing their internal attributes and characteristics. Leverage on people insights to accelerate your time to impact, and drive business performance.

Evidence Based
Practitioner Approach

Clearly defining what 'High Potential' means for your organisation is essential in order to build any sort of HiPo program. At TalenX, we aim to help organisations understand their talent's aspirations, abilities, and inner potential to provide an all-rounded view of candidate's potential for success in future leadership positions.

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Our Approach

Assess potential leaders, and their level of readiness to assume such responsibilites

Improve performance through leadership develop to quickly drive output

Invest resources in the right leader

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