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Unprepared Leadership

Due to the constant changes and external pressures of our environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to build a comprehensive and futureproof talent succession strategy. Typical succession plans assume that current performance in one role translates into performance in another, leaving future successors unprepared for the new role that they are trying to fill.

Less than 30% of leadership roles are filled by successors

Source: LinkedIn

TalenX Succession
Planning Solution

Prepare Future Talent for New Roles

Tap into deep an diverse pool of talent by effectively predicting their potential to succeed in new context or roles. Leverage on objective people insights to accelerate their readiness to drive impact in their new role.

Contextualized and Specific

Succession strategies are unique and individualized based on the context and objectives of the organisation. TalenX ensures that clients focues on characteristics and competencies that matter most for performance in the given role, and provide the tools to help predict who is likely to be successful in the given context.

Over 54% of organisations do not use objective assessments as part of their succession strategy

Why Encode

Our Approach

Evaluate talent against key competencies that predict readiness and success in the new role

Complete assessments using our all-in-one platform that synthesizes data and provide real time analytics

Understand individual strengths and weaknesses and generate personalized on-the job development plan

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